What Is Cloud Rush USA?
What Is Cloud Rush USA?

Store data on Filecoin: Cloud Rush USA

A new digital currency initiative Cloud Rush USA has made the following announcements: Store data on Filecoin and host mining equipment with Cyxtera, a prominent data colocation center. Digital currency start-up Cloud Rush USA announces partnership with leading data colocation center Cyxtera to host mining equipment.

Filecoin mining facilitator Cloud Rush USA has partnered with Cyxtera, one of the world’s leading Internet data centers, to host their mining equipment in an effort to become the one-stop-shop for mining FIL in the United States.

Cyxtera is a global leader in the retail colocation space, with 61 data centers in 29 markets worldwide and 140 network partners, offering best-in-class security and reliability in data storage infrastructure.

Why Cloud Rush USA Hosts their FIL Mining Equipment with Data Center Cyxtera

According to their website, Cyxtera provides more than 3,500 enterprises, government agencies and service providers an integrated, secure, and cyber-resilient infrastructure platform for critical applications and systems using bare metal servers from the likes of Fujitsu, Nvidia, and HPE.

Cloud Rush USA is looking forward to installing its Supermicro and Asus mining hardware at Cyxtera’s U.S. data centers to leverage their high-performance infrastructure capacity and connectivity. Mining cryptocurrency not only requires the hardware, but a reliable power source, temperature regulation, and daily maintenance that Cyxtera can provide.

“We have big plans for growth this year and in 2022, and we needed a data-center partner who can handle our customized mining platforms,” CEO and president of Cloud Rush USA Bruce Li said. “We have every confidence that Cyxtera will be able to enable our equipment to run 24/7/365 so we can meet the expectations of our customers and our aggressive growth projections.”

Cloud Rush USA, a start-up digital currency mining company launched in 2020 in Singapore, is headquartered in Southern California with a technical department in Shanghai, and financial operations based in Singapore and Hong Kong. The company aims to be the “one-stop-shop” for Filecoin mining, offering mining equipment that surpasses the standards recommended by Filecoin.

Because mining FIL entails providing cloud storage space and “sealing” — or confirming — that space, it is imperative that FIL mining machines are running near-constantly to store files, allow 24/7 access to such files, and secure transactions on the blockchain. Failing to do so can result in a significant loss of profits. Indeed, FIL miners incur costly penalties from the Filecoin network for not providing sector reliability or for leaving the network at any time.

According to the Filecoin website, an error fee is a penalty that a miner incurs for each non-working day, while sector punishment penalties are incurred by miners of a disrupted sector if the error wasn’t reported before the WindowPoSt inspection.

By partnering with Cyxtera, Cloud Rush USA can ensure that their mining machines are fully-optimized and in safe hands. Cyxtera’s Irvine-based colocation center provides 34MW of utility and 38.5MW of generator power with Energy Star-rated facilities, as well as extensive connectivity to network service providers and cloud on-ramps with low latency and reliable, flexible bandwidth. Cyxtera’s IDC also maintains airtight cold aisle temperature controls, 24/7 on-call technicians, and private security. Nelson Fonseca, CEO of Cyxtera, said of the partnership: “Cloud Rush USA is a perfect fit for our data centers. We have the capacity in our data centers to add Cloud Rush USA’s expected book of business and their growth plans, and our hosting background and expertise will enable their equipment to run efficiently.”

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